Laura Brown

London-based events and fine art photographer

Taking photographs has been a passion, hobby and an occasional occupation of mine for over ten years. It has inspired many other interests and led me on some incredible adventures, particularly in the catacombs and quarries under Paris, as well as caves and underground spaces across the UK and Europe. My photographs have most recently been published on National Geographic,  bbc.com and in Robert Macfarlane’s ‘Underland’.  I also love shooting portraits and have had work exhibited at a  number of London venues. During 2020’s Pandemic, I used my time during lockdown to work on a series of self-portraits inspired by some of my favourite books, featured on the ‘Books Coming to Life’ page of my website, which were published in Practical Photogaphy Magazine. I aso started a mental health photography project on Instagram, aimed at raising awareness of and reducing stigma surrounding mental health conditions and providing a platform for local Surrey residents to tell their own stories, with plans to exhibit locally when restrictions allow. 


Summer Salon
July 2018
Candid Arts Trust

The Nude
June 2018
Candid Arts Trust

Erotic Art London
April 2018
Copeland Gallery

Transparency and the City: Public Spaces or Forgotten Places?
June 2010
Alan Baxter Gallery
London Festival of Architecture


The Barenaked Caving Calendar (2013), as featured on the Mail Online, the New York Daily News and various regional and consumer publications. The project raised over £900 for the South & Mid Wales Rescue Team and Yorkshire’s Cave Rescue Organisation.

Books Coming to Life, published by Practical Photography Magazine.

My mental health photography project on Instagram


Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (ClassNK)

Waterloo Quarter

Regenology Ltd

Aperture Tours


Hidden Earth 2012 Photo Salon: Digital Image Category (two merits awarded)